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Campsites, warm guest houses, luxurious hotels, or privates island, find what you need!


Boat trip on the atoll, underwater activities, watching or playing with the dolphins!


Polynesian tattoo, artwork made in Rangiroa, custom made pareo, Polynesian crafts...


Tahitian black pearls, special clothing "Rangiroa", goodies & souvenirs and more...


Happy holidays!

The Tourism Committee of Rangiroa and all its team wishes you a wonderful holiday season and a happy start for 2019! Here in Rangiroa things start very well, with new services opening up, such as new guest houses for a wider welcome or activities such as paddle, glass bottom kayak or quad tours. Do not hesitate to inquire with us for more information!

About the atoll of Rangiroa

Rangiroa is a former volcanic island (which is why we call it an atoll) of the Tuamotu Archipelago located in French Polynesia, somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Our atoll is yet rich in aquatic and natural activities, including its worldwide recognition for its diving centers. Special spots such as the Blue Lagoon (a magnificent and natural swimming pool), The Reef Island (a supernatural landscape from the past), or The Pink Sand Island. Many guest houses will leave wonderful memories to any visitor in the Tuamotu Archipelago.

This website should help you familiarize with the activities the atoll offers, its places of accommodation, and possible contacts. Beware, you may want to come back! Have a nice trip!

l'atoll de Rangiroa avec ses points d'excursions

On the image above you'll see the major spots that any touristic guide would recommend you. If you're looking for a trip to one of these places, take a look at the list of our diverse providers on our activities page.