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The atolls of the Tuamotu Archipelago are different from the islands of the Society Archipelago, like with Tahiti, Moorea or Bora Bora. Indeed, an atoll does not have the advantage of being recharged in water as with the mountains of the neighboring islands. The main source of water comes from a meticulous storage of rain during the year. Otherwise, life is closer to the lagoon and the ocean than a mountainous island, so less conducive to being populated by vegetation. The soil is indeed more coral than an island flowered by the mountains, because an atoll is above all an old volcanic island, that is to say that its habitable place are the remains of reef which bypassed the old island buried under the waters for thousands of years now.

That being said, life is particularly quiet, given the limitation of possible activities. But life is not less rich! Because indeed, the proximity that the inhabitants maintain between them is what gives all the charm to the life on an atoll! With its warmly welcoming guest houses and its hotels with bungalows on the lagoon, Rangiroa offers you the possibility of escaping completely from your daily life. If you decide to spend a holiday in Rangiroa, you will be sure that it will be like a renewal for your life!

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Aqua lodge and private island

Regarding these accommodations, they are not visible directly on the map with the other accommodations, you will have to move within the Google map to see where they are. Try for example to shrink the Google Map to get an overview, because these accommodations are located on motu (islets) far away the villages, you will have to access them by boat, for instance.

Guest house Punua & Moana