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The atoll of Rangiroa, offering a life close to the lagoon and the ocean, is full of aquatic activities. If you are a lover of the sea, then it will be like heaven to you! Indeed, the atoll of Rangiroa is a world famous site for its wealth of scuba diving possibilities. The site of the Tiputa pass offers a wealth of experiences for the most advanced and beginners. Hordes of sharks, manta rays, moray eels, turtles or the very famous dolphins of the Tiputa Pass are very familiar with the divers' visits.

Concerning another wealth of Rangiroa, it is its possibilities of excursions on the motu surrounding the villages of Avatoru and Tiputa. Indeed, Rangiroa is an atoll with an area of about 80km², with sites preciously preserved for visits. Residents value their land and are excited to offer the opportunity to share their discovery.

Diving Clubs / Snorkeling

Special activities to try whilst in Rangiroa

Boat trips on the motu

Few words about the excursions / boat trips

There are several providers who offer boat trips on the other small islets that form the atoll of Rangiroa, which we call, in Polynesia, motu.

Depending on the location you plan to visit, you can contact your service provider and ask for their schedules, rates and excursions. The blue lagoon, the pink sands, the reef island are the three most visited places of Rangiroa.

All our atoll excursionists are certified.

To plan during your day of excursion: there will be a lot of sun during the journey, it is strongly recommended to you to equip a good sun cream or a suitable hat. A lunch is often offered in the formula, so you can concentrate on your walks and various activities to do during your day. Bring your camera, but find a way to protect it from the sea, you won't regret the pictures!

Major special spots on the atoll of Rangiroa

Typical trip on a motu: